You should learn to love yourself

Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber has spoken one truth – we all need to learn to love ourselves.

Have you ever had those conversations with broken hearted friends or family or even those whose self belief is lacking in tough moments and you hear yourself say to them “You should love yourself as your amazing” – but do you practice what you preach?.

I’ve been guilty of this in the past and even now I struggle to fully embrace who I am and letting the world into my unique persona. I’ve personally had a interesting journey the last few years of my life where actually learning to #lovemyself has allowed me to do things that the me of yesteryears could only have dreamt of.

So what am I saying to you in this post?

Take the time to realise and shape who you are, after all there’s only one of you and learning to love yourself will go a long way in making your life that more awesome. We all have struggles, doubts and fears but if we can learn to love who we are than in my opinion you win this thing called life.

Writer, learning, career consultant and podcast host 🎙 |

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