We’re all a constant work in progress

Evolving, rebelling and always learning

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I often ponder the title of this story when I’ve got myself in a rut, made a mistake or basically screwed something up. I’m a procrastinator at heart and tend to fixate on my failures likes most of us do, but I always draw the mind chatter back to the fact that I’m learning, I’m always learning and we’re all a constant work in progress.

Despite what social media platforms will try to tell you, perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection isn’t real and we can never reach a this state, our brains aren’t programmed this way and we always find something that’s not quite right. Not being able to reach perfection isn’t a bad thing, I mean think about it, what’s next after perfection? you’ve reached the pinnacle and then what? sounds pretty boring to me.

A few days ago, I screwed something up (I know shocking!) and I was pretty hard on myself about it, like really hard to point where it’s like one of those episodes of reading mean tweets but only to myself in my head — it got dark for a second. But then some form of wisdom finally hit me and I finally accepted that shit happens and it happened to me this time, so why am I being so hard on myself? I only wish I got to that conclusion as speedy in real life.

I decided to rephrase the problem, yes things didn’t go to plan, however this is another experience and it was one I could learn from. I looked at my screw up as a learning experience and quite quickly, I didn’t feel so bad.

When I reflected on what happened, it wasn’t really that bad. The inner critic just decided to go death-con 5 in it’s brutal assessment of what happened and not look at it through a broader lens. It’s in times like this that it’s key to remind ourselves that we are only human and none of us have an instruction manual in how to approach everything that comes our way.

I had to understand that I’m only human, I’m constantly changing, evolving and hopefully progressing. Being so hard on myself about everything when things don’t go quite to plan might be natural for many of us but it’s not that healthy.

What we need to do is keep an open mind, take a step back and be curious, look at it all as a whole and identify what can I learn from this? it’s in this approach that I can find peace and be reassured that it’s all good.

I’ll be a better version of me tomorrow, accepting that I’m a work in progress and always learning, all I have to do is ensure the lesson is learnt and continue down the road.

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