Their is no secret formula to success

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Honestly, how many posts do you read on a weekly basis that promise to divulge the secrets of success to you. For me at one point, it used to be daily, it used to inspiring, it used to motivate me – but now it just pisses me off.

I’ve got to the point where I’m sick of people churning out the same garbage about the secrets to become successful. I mean what does that word “success” even mean? Of course the answer is it means different things to us all and we measure what success is to us through our values. What I’ve come to learn within the last few years after reading dozens of posts around the topic to discover the “secrets”, is that, there are no secrets.

Here’s my own simple theory to be successful at whatever you want……drumroll………… be consistent and put in the time.

Yes, it’s as simple as that in my eyes. Wether you want to be a major player in the corporate world, get that elusive six pack, grow a manly beard or be the best parent to your children – put in the time and be consistent in your approach, you will reap the rewards.

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