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The 8hr work day is dead — long live smarter working

A long time ago, in a place not so far away, people worked in a society where they performed tasks in defined 8hr blocks — generally between the sacred hours of 9–5 — sound familiar?

This could be a controversial post for some, but I feel it’s something that needs to be explored further and also links into my personal obsession with productivity hacks — you can read my previous post on a toolkit to improve your productivity here.

The origin of the 8hr working pattern hails back to days of old when most workers would have 100+hr weeks and to ensure employees had a better work-life balance, the 8hr day was born — in certain time periods this has worked. But it’s 2016 now people, civilisation has developed at an incredible pace over the last 20 years and technology has progressed by lightyears.

Today’s technology now allows us to be connected to anyone, anywhere at anytime and with that a new world of possibilities has been presented to all of us to decide how we manage our time to deliver work.

Like me, I can imagine a large portion of those reading this article sit at a desk for over 8hrs a day (and how I loathe the torment that my body is put through to sit on those stupid chairs while hunched over a screen) and probably work at the same office complex 90% of the time. Have you ever asked yourself how much you achieve or even how productive you are during those 8hrs? can you accurately measure that? now let me ask you this, could you achieve the same output or more in 6/5/3 and even 2hrs or less across any location? — the answer is YES.

Research has shown that constantly bombarding your mind for 8–9hrs straight every day, effectively only turns you into a zombie and not much else. Humans are at their best when they can manage their own time and we all work in different ways, for example my most creative & productive moments seem to be from 14:00–23:00 (I’m weird like that) — some of my best ideas have come during this period. It doesn’t take much common sense to understand that telling people to perform a task to 100% of their capabilities within a defined time-frame just doesn’t work in today’s world.

So what was the point of me writing this rambling post I hear you say?I want to challenge you to be the change and don’t fear being creative or productive on your own terms.

Be the advocate for cultivating a different way of working

(If you’d like to find out more about taking control of your working day and being a superhero of your own productivity — I highly recommend you check out a fantastic book called the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss (note to the office junkies: the book isn’t actually about working only 4hrs a week….keep calm).

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