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In this weeks newsletter, I share my thoughts on the one thing you should do in 2019 and provide some resources that will support you in this quest.

1. An alternative approach to New Year resolutions

The time is upon us once more, a new year is here with a feeling of new beginnings for many.

The infamous new year, new me movement is currently invading your local gym and many people are taking these first few weeks of the year to ponder what our resolutions for the year ahead should be.

2. This is why the “New Year, New Me” philosophy doesn’t work

A short thought on identity and not losing yourself to the expectations of others.

3. 50 big ideas for 2019

A list from the good people at LinkedIn on what could be in store for the year ahead. These are thoughts polled from the top 200 leaders on the platform and might just help us with some inspiration in what we want to achieve in 2019

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