Probably the best career advice in the world

Here’s what I believe are two of the most valuable pieces of career advice for those young and old.

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“Many of us have bought into the cliché pursue your passion”. For many, this is terrible advice. In your 20’s, you may not really know what your best skills and opportunities are. It’s much better to pursue learning, personal discipline and growth. And to seek out connections with people across the planet.

For a while, it’s just fine to follow and support someone else’s dream. In so doing, you will be building valuable relationships, valuable knowledge. And at some point your passion will come + whisper in your ear “I’m ready”

- Chris Anderson

“Life will go faster than you know. It will be tempting to live a life that impresses others. But this is the wrong path. The right path is to know that life is short, every day is a gift and you have certain gifts.

Happiness is about understanding that the gift of life should be honoured every day by offering your gifts to the world.

Don’t let yourself define what matters by the dogma of other people’s thoughts. Even more important, don’t let the thoughts of self-doubt and chattering self-criticism in your own mind slow you down. You will likely be your own worst critic.

Be kind to yourself in your own mind. Let your mind show you the same kindness that you aspire to show others”

- Mike Maples Jr

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