Patience, control and simplicity can be your keys to victory

Its not always the fancy stuff that works

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Last night I watched the latest heavyweight boxing fight between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker. It was an intriguing contest on many levels, both men are young hungry champions and have different attributes to their fighting styles. Parker is speedy, with quick hands and solid stamina but lacks power, where as Joshua has the power but isn’t as mobile as his opponent.

This made for an interesting contest, a form of human chess, where every move was meticulously analysed so to not make a fatal error and allow the other to capitalise. In the end Joshua conquered this challenge and he did it by being very controlled and patient. Joshua understood that Parker presented a credible threat and is very speedy for a heavyweight, he adapted to this by coming in lighter for the fight, but also by showing great control within his strategy.

Historically all of Joshua’s fights have finished by knockout and you’ll no doubt hear casual fans moan about this match, but this is a masterclass example in how to implement intelligence and strategy into your game – a reminder that we always have more than one route to success.

Joshua and his team had created a strategy that centred on patience, control and keeping it simple with basics. Nothing flashy was required in this contest to win as the odds were closely matched between both and one wrong move could mean disaster. Joshua used his primary tool of the jab to keep his opponent at bay, dictate the pace and keep in control. He showed patience in waiting for his times to strike and when he did, no fancy combos were in site just basic strikes to keep his strategy in place and earn him the victory.

What can you learn from this

Simply, that we have more then one way to victory. In this challenge Joshua knew that his trademark heavy handed approach wouldn’t get the job done so a more strategic approach was needed. His ability to adapt and his commitment to being patient, keeping it simple and maintaining control were his keys to victory. You too can learn from this and look at the ways that you can tackle the challenges of life. Highly recommended books from myself on the art of strategy would be The Art of War by Sun Tzu and the Book of 5 rings by Miyamoto Musashi – these are old texts that contain valuable lessons in understanding your environment and opponent.

Next time you face a challenge, take a step back and analyse how you can create a path to victory. Will your same old method work or do you need to adapt? What skills will you need to call upon to tackle the challenge ahead?

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