Lebron James makes me want to work harder

Life lessons from a king of his craft

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I stumbled across a video with NBA icon Lebron James this week talking about his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers making it to the NBA playoff finals with ESPN. Now I’m not an avid follower of the NBA, but I and I’m sure most people are aware of Lebron James and the magic he provides in his field of sports.

I enjoy watching interviews with high level performers to understand how their mind works, what’s their thought process and their philosophy on life. The interview I was watching had just taken place before the 1st game of the finals for 2018 (a game that Lebron and the Cav’s would go on to lose but he still broke another record in this game again!) and the general view of everyone was that Lebron had basically carried his team into the finals. I think it would be hard to argue against that assessment looking over the evidence from the past 7 games.

As I was listening to Lebron talk about the franchise, his teammates and their performance so far, the first thing I noted was his extreme humility and his constant praise of those around him. It’s not that I didn’t expect this, but more that he seemed to want more focus on his team rather than himself which in itself is pretty noble and rare for high performers.

A key part of the interview that really struck me, was in response to a question on being comfortable. Lebron answer was not only straight forward but also provided insight into his own mindset and how he operates to continue to be at the top of his game.

His answer was simply – “I’m never comfortable”

The utter of those words once again reaffirmed that this guy is the real deal, he’s not relying on talent, he puts in the work and continues to be the hardest worker in the room. This statement was another jolt to my system that I needed, another reminder to keep finding challenges and opportunities to develop.

If one of the best or maybe even the best athlete in his craft is never satisfied and is always striving for more, then I’m sure little old me can keep pushing the boundaries too. What impresses me with personas like Lebron is their constant thirst to improve, to not rest on talent or hype, but to keep putting in the work day in and out – especially when the world isn’t watching too.

So thank you Mr James for an insight into your championship mindset and a little motivation to remember to never be fully comfortable.

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