Invest in yourself or you’ll never know

How many times have you heard a story about a friend or co-worker who has branched out to create their own business or the friend who has a side gig utilising their passion to earn extra income? Now how many times have you said to yourself “I wish I could do that” – well you can, if you invest in yourself today.

Too many times I’ve seen and heard many friends and co-workers say I’m going to build this, I’m going to improve my health, I’m going to move into this field of work etc and they are still in the same position 5 years later, saying the exact same thing “I’’m going to”. But when is that time, when will they start to make the moves that get them to where they want to be, for a majority of people it’s never and I’ll tell you why – they don’t invest in themselves.

As a society we all seem to throw out that word busy, I’m too busy with this or that to actually go and do the things I want – I actually hate the word busy, to me that word symbolises being unorganised or a mess.

We spend so much of our time, the most precious commodity we have on mindless events such as watching reality TV or getting sucked into Instagram for 3 hours straight (I have been there), but we stil say that we are too busy to do the work needed in order to get what we desire – it’s madness really.

Taking the time and steps to invest in yourself will allow you to evolve in so many ways. Making that investment in you, could be great not only for you but your family, friends and co-workers – you might even find more happiness and calm along the way.

Now your goals could be anything, I’m not relating this to half the click bait posts on medium where they are trying to get you to leave everything and become the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk! Not everyone can be like them and not everyone does want to be like them.

Your goals could be anything, maybe you want to get in better shape to make sure your around for our family for a long time, perhaps you want to be a columnist for an online publication or maybe you want to give back through community work and teach kids how to code – it could be anything.

What you need to do to reach achieve your ambitions is quite simply invest in yourself. You need to make you the number 1 priority, as if you don’t, you’ll never know what you could be capable of or achieve. I hate to get all morbid at the end of this one, but we only get one life, we have no replay and if you want something regardless of your goal – you need to believe and make that investment in the one thing that will make a change – you.

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