No BS secrets or hacks, just plain old common sense.

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No messing around with reading pages of dribble to get to the answer, here it is:

Yes, it’s that bloody simple, and you’re probably thinking “Well, I knew that already”. Which is great, so why do you still spend more than you earn?

There’s a misconception that being a…

Ok, this is all about exploring the pitfalls of toxic tribalism and the power of different points of view, being challenged and embracing the potential of changing our minds.

In this strange world we occupy (and this particular moment in time) we seem to be littered with tribal movements who want to tell us their way is the best way to X, Y and Z. Not only that, you must also shun any other way of living or philosophy on navigating the world too.

You know what I’m talking about and you’ve most likely encountered some of these movements in…

As I start to ponder what I’ve learnt in 2020 as part of my own personal yearly review.

Of all the madness this year, I find myself continually drawn to this quote shared from Brandon Lee about life before he sadly passed.

How much content do you consume every day?

Perhaps, ten pieces, perhaps twenty or more? We live in the greatest time in history for access to any information we want. But, what do we do with all this information? Do you just consume more and more stuff or do you put it into practice?

You may have heard the saying “paralysis by analysis” and I feel a lot of us experience this.

With so much knowledge available at our fingertips, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. …

Recently I was in the audience of an argument between two youngsters. I wasn’t sure if it was serious, heated or something of note in the long term story to come for these young ones.

But, I was pretty clear that I was watching a disagreement/argument.

Of course, this is not uncommon to stumble upon in modern society, yet it was the nature or should I say the topic of the argument that intrigued me.

My curiosity was first engaged when I heard one of them say “ I’ve got 1000 subscribers and you haven’t, you’re just not on my…

A captain obvious statement here, but the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has blown all of our lifestyles apart. We are only now starting to scratch the surface of how we must adapt to this new way of living and working.

A growing thread of conversation, not only in my homeland of the UK but the world over, is how people are going to return to an office environment. Followed closely by the follow up question, should they?


Let’s debunk the misconceptions around building your own side project and career development.

A common question I’m asked is how I come up with and execute on all the ideas I have for my blog, newsletter, and podcast.

To my surprise, many people seem to believe that I’m some kind of well-educated and connected person who has some kind of secret advantage that allows me to do these things or maybe this is what they tell themselves to feel better about not doing their own thing.

Yet in reality the truth is not…

(originally published on my blog at

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about posting this for a while, but have only now got down to scribing some thoughts on this.

For most of my life and probably most of yours too, we’ve always been told to seek happiness or chase happiness or find your road to happiness. . But you know what I’ve come to discover in the last 33 years? happiness is not a destination.

Happiness is an emotional response to a situation, it is not a permanent state that you can sit in…

(originally published on my blog at

Follow me for a minute with this short thought on the concept of the art of meditation.

When you hear the word meditation, what’s the first thought that comes to mind?

Probably someone sitting cross legged, eyes closed and focused on their breath right? I mean, this is what modern marketing has told us the correct way to meditate is.

Now I bet you don’t imagine someone hitting a boxing bag, cleaning the house, tending to their garden or even walking through the forest as meditative practices — but guess what? …

The power of the human mind is often underrated.

Many of us conform to believe we only have a set talent potential. One that only allows us to perform in certain scenarios or complete specific tasks. However, as technological innovations continue to evolve, we are finding more and more that the in-ability that many preach they have to learn new skills is not true at all.

It is rather a question of will.

I’ll never say anything is possible as there are always some limits. Yet, most things are possible if you have the will and…

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