Let’s be realistic for a minute, those of us in the millennial generation feel pretty much wrecked at every big life milestone.

From crippling education fees to out of control house prices, it’s been a difficult journey for many of us to navigate. Whereas our parents’ generation would most likely have the house and picket fence right now. Most of us are at the mercy of high private rental rates.

But, this article is not about screaming “Oh, poor us millennials” — instead, I want to explore where my fellow generation are investing their money instead of things such as…

I believe there are 3 things that are essential in your life that school and higher education never taught you.

Emotional intelligence (EI)

Digital intelligence (DI)

Financial intelligence (FI)

Emotional intelligence, well, because we are all emotional beings and in order to better understand, support, and thrive as an individual and help others do the same. You need a high level of EI.

Digital intelligence because it’s a digital world my friends. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty much plodding through a pixelated highway of digital tech that governs our daily lives So, it makes sense to understand how…

A little bit of comedy (or reality for some) on the ten signs that you might be in a crypto cult.

First rule, everyone talks about crypto.

Second rule, every sentence ends with ‘to the moon’.

Third rule, your ‘reliable’ source of knowledge is a swarm of Youtubers who’ve exactly 8 weeks of experience on the subject matter and have every thumbnail as a shocked face with ‘this coin is about to 100x’ next to it.

Fourth rule, you base your investment strategy on tweets from billionaires and if a coin has any involvement with a fluffy animal.

Fifth rule

If you’ve been doing your research on investing , you may have come across a popular acronym called DCA.

If like me, when on the beginning of my journey, you probably found yourself wondering what is this DCA thing that people keep referring to.

Well, let me solve that mystery for you to begin.

DCA stands for Dollar Cost Averaging.

What do we mean by dollar cost averaging?

Basically, it’s a simple investment strategy that enables you to invest regular sums of money at predefined times. You can swap the word ‘dollar’ for the label of your own country’s currency.

For example, once a week every Sunday, you…

Whenever I write an article, I mostly do this to answer questions that I have of my own and then think, perhaps someone else can benefit from this information too.

This is exactly how this piece has come about.

I love nothing better than researching how to make my money grow, plow through data, and create lovely data visualisations. So, you’re about to get all 3 of these in one post — lucky you.

The question I wanted to answer was simple — How has Bitcoin performed vs a collection of the biggest tech companies over the last decade?


We know that personal finance and general money management is something we want to and all should be better at.

I mean money apparently makes the world go round, so it seems beneficial to explore how to do more with it without having to work 4 different jobs at one time. Here’s a compilation of several basic tips that might just help you better manage that hard earned cash.

Buy in bulk

This was a tip I actually came across from Mark Cuban in a short clip. …

Think logically they say, don’t FOMO in when everyone else is excited — be patient.

This line is uttered by many experienced investors and those interested in personal finance. It’s simple and effective advice, yet, it’s routinely ignored.

However, we can’t always blame ourselves. It’s part of our biological programming to be interested in what others in our tribe are too, and our brains are always asking two questions when we encounter situations like this.

  1. How will this make me look?
  2. What are other people doing?

So, when we see what we think is a glorious opportunity to make more…

It seems that everyone is after some form of divine enlightenment these days.

The rise of meditation in the last decade has given way to social media gurus, wannabe monks and just those looking for a bit of calm, in what can be, a pretty crazy world.

I’m a fan of anything that promotes better health and calm for fellow humans.

What I disagree with and have become concerned with, is when something that is freely accessible to all becomes commercialised, cultified (is that a word!) and in some ways, weaponised.

Something I particularly roll my eyes at is the…

That's a great point - quick wins and instant gratification are big primal drivers.

It also seems like the continued downtrend in other assets (as I mention in the article) makes more riskier alternatives seems less risky as time goes on. Thus, fuelling that need for a quick win.

I'm intrigued to see how this continues post-pandemic. Thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts Tavian.

PWC have just released their 3rd annual Crypto hedge fund report (released May 2021)

It’s a meaty one at 52 pages, and not something I assume a lot of us will spend great detail reading. So, I’m going to cover the key insights in a couple of short posts over the next month.

First off, we’re going to look at the coins that these hedge funds are investing in. The reason this is useful information is that it allows us to understand where some of the big players see potential in the crypto space.

Before we continue…

Not sure what…

Ross Stevenson

Tech writer, Learning + Career Consultant | www.stealthesethoughts.com

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