I believe there are 3 things that are essential in your life that school and higher education never taught you.

Emotional intelligence (EI)

Digital intelligence (DI)

Financial intelligence (FI)

Emotional intelligence, well, because we are all emotional beings and in order to better understand, support, and thrive as an individual and help others do the same. You need a high level of EI.

Digital intelligence because it’s a digital world my friends. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty much plodding through a pixelated highway of digital tech that governs our daily lives So, it makes sense to understand how…

I must have seen the headline declaring that Bitcoin will eventually hit the $1 million dollars mark at least a hundred times in the past 12 months.

And, that’s crazy when you think about it.

An asset that was worth $7,476 USD on Jan 1st 2020 and now (at time of writing this in late August 2021) is currently valued at just over $48,000 USD going to $1 million dollars in the next 3–5 years! Madness, right?

Perhaps, and perhaps not.

This tsunami of headlines got me thinking, is this really possible? …

Let’s be realistic for a minute, those of us in the millennial generation feel pretty much wrecked at every big life milestone.

From crippling education fees to out of control house prices, it’s been a difficult journey for many of us to navigate. Whereas our parents’ generation would most likely have the house and picket fence right now. Most of us are at the mercy of high private rental rates.

But, this article is not about screaming “Oh, poor us millennials” — instead, I want to explore where my fellow generation are investing their money instead of things such as…

We get a lot of negative news and daily FUD in the crypto space.

So, I want to shine the spotlight on some positive news that brings hope to the cryptoverse for us all this week.

😮 Students investing in Crypto surges 3x

Surprising to probably no one considering the crippling debt students are saddled with and the high monthly cost of living expenses, is that more students than ever are turning to Crypto for a source of income.

A UK survey found from over 2000 university students that investing in crypto has tripled in the last 12 months from 2% to 6%. We can assume that…

The minimalist approach

Right, let’s get straight to the good stuff.

The two super simple ways to grow your hard saved crypto are staking and crypto savings accounts. And, the best part? You can set all of this up in less than 10 minutes.

Now we know the what, let’s get into the details of the why and how so you can start to make your crypto work for you.

Staking (No vampires are harmed in this process)

Ok, let’s start with staking. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here, so here’s an all you need to know overview from our friends at Coinbase.

If a cryptocurrency you own allows…

The red pill movement is here…

I just watched the trailer for the 4th Matrix film, aptly titled resurrections (if you haven’t seen it, stop what you’re doing and watch this now!).

Seeing that famous green code again got me thinking about the time I saw the first film. It was then, and still is now, a very revolutionary and on point set of ideas about the evolution of technology and the human race.

The story of interoperability between man and machine, and the eventual control by machines is actually not too far off what has happened nearly 22 years since the first Matrix. …

👋 Hey friends, and welcome back (or perhaps just welcome if this is your first time) to another edition of One More Thing. Where I do my best to shed light on topics and resources to scale your financial intelligence.

And today, we’re getting into budgeting.

If there’s one thing more than most which I hope maths class would teach me, it was how to build a simple budget. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so I spent most of my early 20’s blowing cash on cookies and over priced clothing, and completely ignoring the need to budget my money to survive!

The NFT movement has well and truly owned the Crypto world in 2021.

Yes, De-Fi blew our minds in 2020 and early 21 but then jpegs of bored apes turned up and the whole world went bananas. But with pieces now commanding fees in the millions, how is the everyday human supposed to get in on the action?

It’s simple really, own a fraction of one.

But how does this work? Let me explain with an example:

As of writing this, a Dogecoin NFT is in existence right now worth a cool $225 million. Yes, you read that right —…

NFT’s everywhere

The NFT market continues to boom, and as it does, so does the wealth of digital art now available for the everyday human to own. So, it only made sense to create this second part of my exciting projects you need to know spotlight (check out part #1 here).

Just in the last week alone the biggest marketplace at Opensea processed over $2 billion dollars in transactions. Can you believe that? $2 billion in 1 week! Madness.

I’m sure most of us are familiar with the more popular art pieces from Beeple. CryptoPunks and more. …

We get a lot of negative news and daily FUD in the crypto space.

So, I want to shine the spotlight on some positive news that brings hope to the cryptoverse for us all this week.

🔒 The big players love the Hodl life too!

We often hear MicroStrategy and Tesla proclaiming their love for crypto and snapping up the King in BTC quite often these days.

But who else is embracing the Hodl life that you don’t know are keen on the cryptoverse?

Find out who’s embracing the crypto life here.

💡 Visa sees the NFT light

The powerhouse of payment systems Visa has just released a white paper suggesting that NFT’s are here…

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